Telehealth is full of grey areas since the industry has evolved so much that most of its laws are either outdated or irrelevant. However, since these laws are still in effect, they hinder the provision of telehealth across the country. Telehealth as an industry faces a number of legal issues especially regarding cross state practice, licensure and reimbursement. Health care providers across the telehealth industry often face these legal issues that only telehealth attorneys can help and advise them.

If you are planning to, or are in the process of setting up a telehealth practice, you should think of partnering up with telehealth attorneys. The reason for this is simple. Unlike other practices whose operations are pretty straight forward, telehealth has many legal upheavals when it comes to licensing. A telehealth attorney can help you overcome these challenges so that you set up your business in good time and without incurring unnecessary expenses along the way.

For one, a telehealth attorney can advise you on which states you are better of seeking licensing in. Licensing requirements differ from state to state. This means that while it’s tedious to set up a practice in one region, it may be much easier to just do so in the neighboring state. Thanks to their rich experience and research, telehealth attorneys can provide you with such information.

They can also help you compare what it takes to get licensing in different areas based on state laws and legal precedents. This entails: evaluating the terms of setting up a telehealth practice, the cost involved in registration and licensing fees, how long it takes till you can begin work, etc.

Once you have managed to narrow down where you would like to set camp, your attorney can provide the legal help needed to carry out the registration process quickly and correctly, they can procure the legal forms needed to seek licensing, fill them, deliver them to the needed state bodies and follow up on the progress until the process is complete. If you have any complications during this process, your attorney can intervene by reaching out to legal and state bodies involved in the governing of telehealth practices.

Over time, your telehealth attorney will also keep you updated about any changes in the legal framework as far as licensing and practicing telehealth is concerned.


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