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Request our telemedicine attorneys for all your telemedicine requirements. Our highly proficient team helps clients embrace the wide spectrum of emerging telemedicine issues, helping them provide innovative health care to patients in new markets in the region and in the globe.

The technological advances in telemedicine bring about many opportunities to health care facilities, entrepreneurs, and professionals. By taking advantage of this technology they will be at the forefront of health care delivery since they expand their outreach and are now able to reach out to as many clients as possible with no limitation on geography. However, just like any other lucrative opportunity, telemedicine has its setbacks. The laws and regulations are way behind the pace of the innovation and thus it is critical to consult with telemedicine attorneys who have enough industry experience and resources to help you expand your business as you manage the various emerging issues in the industry.

Our attorneys boast of their extensive experience in the telemedicine industry. They will help you in program assessment, development, and implementation. They will also help you in other key areas such as nursing hotlines, multi-state online health care tools and facilities, and pharmacy call centers establishment. We are also in a better position of providing counsel on operational issues such as medical record management, payer credentialing, patient information verification, and many others.

By requesting for our services, you get to enjoy our various areas of expertise that include the following;

  1. US State Telemedicine Licensure- while some of our reputed clients prefer operating within some single states for various reasons, others are interested with establishing cross-border, multi-state practices. Therefore, on the first encounter, we engage our clients about state licensure. Various medical boards have different telemedicine licensure requirements and thus we help our clients understand the various regulations that relate to this area of telemedicine.
  2. Global or International Telemedicine-the advancement in modern technology has greatly boosted the demand for telemedicine services, especially in fields that specialize in virtual care, for instance, radiology and pathology. We help our clients reach out to remote and or underserved areas with no need to travel to these areas. With global telemedicine, many possibilities have been unleashed and we work with our clients in developing strategies and establishing operations that are able to seize these opportunities.
  3. Telemedicine Scope Issues-with the support of the client, we mainly assess the kind of services which the provider will be providing under telemedicine. We offer counsel to clients regarding various issues that affect telemedicine practice. These include but not limited to;
  • Whether the provider is required to offer in-person exam of the patient or not.
  • Creation of a valid physician-patient relationship.
  • Any possible limitations when rendering telemedicine diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  • Issues regarding the use of remote monitoring or mHealth technology.
  • The kind of prescriptions given remotely.
  1. Other areas covered-we also help clients handle legal and regulatory aspects that relate various areas that include Telemedicine Credentialing, Telemedicine Reimbursement, Telemedicine and Accountable Care Institutions, Privacy and Security in Telemedicine, Fraud and Abuse Issues, Telemedicine Hardware and Software vendors, Telehealth Technology and Outsourcing Agreements, and Remote Prescribing and Telemedicine.

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