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Telehealthattorneys.com is a telehealth consulting business that was started to help organizations comply and understand the state laws that govern the telemedicine industry. Most of our legal experts have several years of experience working in the health industry. We offer practical and thoughtful legal counsel to organizations and individual clients that provide or intend to provide telehealth services.

Our area of expertise is telemedicine and we take pride in what we do. We have helped numerous organizations and individuals clients tackle a few legal issues related to telemedicine. We are based in the State of Floride where we have gain a reputation of being reliable and transparent with our legal practice.

Our array of services includes advising clients in the telemedicine industry about legal rules applicable to their business. We understand and are well versed with the state laws that govern telehealth or telemedicine in the state of Florida and will ensure that your business doesn’t fall foul of these laws at any point in time.

Telehealthattorneys.com not only represents clients from the telehealth industry but also in the healthcare in general, such as:



Disease management

Home health organizations

Telehealth networks

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